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What's your credit costing you?

A fair credit score could cost you thousands of dollars in

interest over the lifetime of a loan.

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Average Loan Amount


Very Good Credit Score


Fair Credit Score


Total Interest Cost Difference


Disclaimer: Analysis based on Q3 2019 anonymized Lending Tree data, My LendingTree and CompareCards consumer loan and debt data.

How the Credit Repair Process Works

Setup & Discovery

We'll look in depth at your credit report, identify what's lowering your score, and create a strategy that is unique to you.

Challenge & Dispute

Next, we ask the bureaus and your creditors to verify these negative items as accurate and fair using the laws set in place to protect you. If they can’t, they are required to remove them.

Rinse & Repeat

We dispute all items with the bureaus to remove unwanted, negative remarks from your credit history and repeat this process every 45 days until complete.

New Accounts & Positive Payment history

We coach you on which new accounts to add and when, using a strategic application sequence and unique products specific for building credit. Then as you make payments you build a positive payment history.

"I have seen good progress since signing up with credit pro. I am very pleased so far with the progress you have made on my credit repair. I hope to continue to see the rest of what's in collection come off my report as well. Thank you for your help."

– Stephanie M.

Our Clients Have Seen

Results in as little as 10 days after signing up with us!

80+ Point increase on average in the first 90 days of us working on their profile!

A fresh start in as little as 180 days after signing up with us!

Disclaimer: These results are not typical, results may vary, all credit profiles are not created equal therefore we can not guarantee

you will have the same experience, however we will do everything we can to give you a better financial future!

Our Promise to You!

We promise that your private information will be protected and secure

We promise that you will be treated professionally and courteously

We promise that all of your requests will be responded to in a timely manner

If we fail to get any of your questionable items deleted or updated on your credit report, you are entitled to a full refund.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Fixing your credit can change your life. Like these people...

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